Measurement and Calculation for the Trades

Sometimes apprentices find technical training challenging. Because trades focus on physical know-how, Essential Skills like reading and numeracy are often hidden, but in every trade, math skills like measurement and calculation are used every day and are an integral part of success both on the job and in technical training. Measurement and Calculation for the Trades enables apprentices to prepare for technical training by reviewing the required numeracy skills, so retaining new learning is easier. Review and practice basic math skills using whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratio/proportion, percent, measurement & conversions, perimeter, area, volume, and right-angle triangles.
Measurement and Calculation for the Trades can be used for both individual study and group instruction. Accompanying workbooks are also available for additional trade-specific measurement and calculation problems.
Using trades applications and illustrated explanations to help apprentices learn the math foundations they need, Measurement and Calculation for the Trades contributes to success in technical training and on the job.

Price: $48.00 ($43.20 each on orders of 10 or more copies)
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Format: Coil bound, 283 pages