Numeracy Rules

Introducing the Numeracy Rules Kit: Pocket Guide, Rulers and Worksheets for practicing the numeracy skills used by apprentices and journey-workers in the construction industry. The Numeracy Rules Pocket Guide is a quick reference for metric-Imperial conversions and frequently used formulas that fits in a pocket for handy use on the job and in the classroom. Use the Numeracy Rules Rulers’ unique multi-layer design to practice measuring, fractions, and conversions. Buy the Pocket Guide individually or as a package with the Rulers and the Worksheets binder of more than 100 pages of numeracy exercises. Available in November, 2004.

Format: 3-Ring Binder, 100+ Pages
$27.00 [$24.30 each on orders of 10 or more copies]
          GST and shipping charges extra.

Pocket Guides also available separately for $1.25 each