Six Steps to Mentoring Instructor's Guide

Six Steps to Mentoring Instructor's Guide is a resource for instructors who want to include mentoring skills in technical training curriculum. Beginning apprentices learn much of their trade from technical training and on-the-job mentoring. Their relationship with journeyperson mentors is an important one, worth enhancing through instruction. The first part of Six Steps to Mentoring, called “Six Lessons for Apprentices”, is for instructors of beginning apprentices. The series of modules help apprentices improve communication with his or her mentor. At the end of the series, beginning apprentices will be more aware of taking responsibility for their own learning.

The second half of this resource, called “Six Steps to Mentoring”, is for instructors of experienced apprentices who will soon be in a mentoring role. The series of modules presents a strategy that mentors can use when passing on a new skill or set of skills to a less experienced apprentice.

The accompanying DVD contains supporting film for use with the lessons. Interviews with real apprentices and journeyworkers about their experiences with mentoring illustrate points made in the modules. Scenes of apprentices and their mentors in various trades support the points in the lesson, and show how the Six Steps are used on the job.

A learning aid is available for apprentices who have completed Six Steps to Mentoring. The pocket-sized card is a condensed version of the Six Steps and can be used as a quick reference while on the job or during technical training.   

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