Document Use at Work

SkillPlan’s Document Literacy and The Language of Documents are now bundled together as a set in this new presentation, Document Use at Work. Together, the two provide a thorough introduction to using documents, an essential skill.

The need for people to come to a job work-ready in a competitive environment increases the need for training in essential skills. Assumptions about worker competence in using schedules, catalogues, manuals, schematics, production charts and other forms of workplace documents are just that, assumptions. The reality for many is that learning the job means figuring out the paperwork – or computer screens, or LED displays – that are an integral part of jobs today. And some of that learning can be done in the multitude of classes that focus on employability, and also, for the successfully hired, in critical workplace training.

Workplace educators and company trainers are indeed responding to the demands of the amazing learning curves some workers face. They are preparing themselves for an area that may bring with it a new skill set, the deliberate teaching of the skills of document use. Document Use at Work serves a need by taking a close look at the intricacies of document classification and structure. It is a serious attempt to address the learning of this most fundamental of essential skills.

The two publications that make up Document Use at Work have proven to be important resources in the field of essential skills. Both are very much in demand in a field that has only recently committed to the intentional teaching of document use skills.
With the production of Document Use at Work, SkillPlan formalizes the complementary roles that Document Literacy and The Language of Documents have in any essential skills resource library.

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Format: 3-ring binder, 275 pages
ISBN: 0-9697288-9-1 & 0-9685027-0-9