How do your skills Measure Up?

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How do your skills Measure Up? is an exciting online resource that links essential skills to real Canadian workplaces. This web-based practice and self-assessment provides more than 100 activity sets based on workplace documents. Each task has been placed on the scale used by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Essential Skills Profiles. The activity sets on How do your skills Measure Up? are consistent with the problem sets in the Tests of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES).

Practice typical workplace tasks or assess skill levels in three essential skills:

  • Reading Text
  • Document Use
  • Numeracy

Select the activity sets by occupation (for example, Shipper/Receiver), by type of document (for example, an entry form), or by skill and level (based on the Essential Skills Profiles and IALS).

Download and print each activity set for practice or self-assessment in a classroom, at an employment centre, at work, or at home -- there is no fee for use.

Use the links to the NOC and the Essential Skills Profiles to explore job options, make realistic career choices and identify upgrading needs.

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