Research & Reports

Essential Skills in Instruction HRSDC Project
(Nov 2007 to Nov 2009)

Professionals in various fields of education, community development and training are in the best position to prepare Canada’s workforce for employment. Without the opportunity for direct contact with employers and businesses, they rely on work-related materials to make training effective. SkillPlan proposed a three part project over a 24 month time span. The research, materials development and professional development activities are designed to use research to define best practices in delivering Essential Skills interventions and to build capacity to meet labour market needs.

  1. Essential Skills in Instruction Survey
    An electronic survey was designed to examine the usage patterns of work-related materials from the practitioner point of view. The survey was distributed using Instant Survey on May 1st, 2008 to 812 email addresses.

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  2. Learning Materials in Instruction Study
    Over the past ten years or more, the federal government has funded the development of learning materials ranging from short instructional tools to full curricula. As with any significant investment, the expectation is that there will be a return on that investment. The research explores the question:

    What role does learning materials play in instruction?

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