Resources for Essential Skills
at Work

SkillPlan has been nationally recognized as a leader in the field of workplace education. Our mandate is to serve the construction sector; however, our experience in responding to a variety of workplace challenges suggests that many essential skills issues are common not only to multiple trades but to other sectors. One of SkillPlan’s strategies for improving essential skills is to develop materials for others to use.

Our trades publications are developed by SkillPlan’s workplace educators, who work directly with trades trainers, apprentices, and journeyworkers. They are intended to help those wishing to pursue careers in building trades, to identify and fill in the gaps in their essential skills and to improve their chances of success in technical training and on the job.

Our Essential Skills At Work series, developed with the support of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, provides educators with supplementary materials to bring workplace essential skills into instructional settings.


Essential Skills Resources




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