About SkillPlan

BC Construction Industry Skills Improvement Council, SkillPlan, is a joint labour and management initiative of the BC construction industry which was established as a not-for-profit society in 1991. The mission of SkillPlan is to develop strategies to improve the essential skills of people working in the unionized construction industry in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

SkillPlan provides direct assistance to members, including tutoring, study groups and classroom delivery, and works in partnership with a network of training plan administrators and instructors to support apprentices in fulfilling their essential skills upgrading needs. SkillPlan also offers professional support for course development, test making and clear language. Our essential skills resources such as Tools for the Trade and Numeracy Rules, developed from our experience working with apprentices, provide supplementary materials to assist workers in training and on the job.

SkillPlan also undertakes work funded by federal and provincial governments when the scope of the work contributes to our objectives. Our consulting services include development of essential skills curricula, plain language development, professional development workshops and mentoring. We have been called upon to share our experiences both nationally and internationally. SkillPlan has been involved with the research, development, and promotion of workplace essential skills for nineteen years, including essential skills job profiling, self assessment, and resource development. Our Essential Skills At Work series, developed with the support of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, provides educators with hands-on, applied materials to bring workplace essential skills into instructional settings. For more information on our publications, please see Resources for Essential Skills at Work.



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