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The Supporting Professionals to Deliver Work-related Instruction Project, 2008-2009

SkillPlan, under an agreement with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), conducted six Workplace Materials Developer Workshops across Canada from 2008 to 2009. In addition to building capacity for developing Essential Skills workplace materials, one of the intended outcomes of the agreement was to add 50 more activity sets to the How do your skills Measure Up? web site. Workshop participants collected workplace documents and developed an activity set as their final assignment after completing the week-long training.


SkillPlan would like to acknowledge the following workshop participants for their contribution to the 50 new activity sets. Their names are listed under the host organization and location of the Workplace Materials Developer Workshop that they attended.

Workshop at Douglas College, Coquitlam, BC:
Kyle Downie, Shirley Hui, Debbie Laleune, Sherry MacDonald, Nanci McConnell, Gord Rogers, and Judy Rumney

Workshop at AWENS (Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia), Halifax, NS:
Stacey Doyle, Leigh Faulkner, Peter Gouthro, Suzanne Koersen, Debbie Miller, and Wanda Smith

Workshop at Manitoba Labour and Immigration, Winnipeg, MB:
Rita Doiron, Linda Karras, Dale Klassen, Ruben Klassen, Gail Leylek, Corrina Loewen, Greg Reader, and Sarah Unrau

Workshop at SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology), Saskatoon, SK:
Gabrielle Bouchard, David Chan, Jan Craig, Margaret Dagenais, Richard Eberts, Carol Evans, Gail Gorchynski, Charlene Hauser, and Ian Pollock

Workshop at READ Society, Victoria, BC:
Stephen Kenning, Sarah McLennan, Brian Stettner, Carole Taylor, Helen Thomas, and Barbara West

Workshop at Durham College, Oshawa, ON:
Nicole Doyle, Mary Gelinas, Sandra Hennessey, Mary Lawless, Helen Mildon, and Clayton Rhodes

Thanks to Fern Martel, Riaz Bassari, and Kay Welwood for their expertise.



The Sector Councils – Exploring Essential Skills Applications Project, 2005

Three Sector Councils (Construction Sector Council, Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council and Canadian Trucking Human Resources Sector Council) have identified clusters of occupations where occupation specific materials will assist workers in upgrading Essential Skills levels prior to or during job training. To meet this objective, SkillPlan is building capacity by mentoring materials developers. The list below identifies educational network partners from across Canada and interested individuals whose commitment to the process involved much more than attending 6 days of training. Over a nine month span these professionals diligently collected authentic workplace materials and produced complete activity sets. The lessons learned in the process of developing Sector specific activities resulted in a readily useable handbook for others interested in learning the process. Materials developed through this initiative provided more occupation related activities for clusters of occupations available on the How Do Your Skills Measure Up? website in 2007.

SkillPlan extends our deepest thanks to the following individuals who contributed their time, energy and enthusiasm to developing additional materials for use on the Measure Up website.

Project Partners:

  • Joe Brown, Nova Scotia Department of Education *
  • Christine Dalton, Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council *
  • Cindy Davidson, Davidson Communications & Training *
  • Lesley Elliott, Waterloo Region District School Board *
  • Sharon Eng, Douglas College *
  • Barb Fyvie, Bow Valley College *
  • Marilyn Luft, Alberta Workforce Essential Skills *
  • Donna Palmer, Leading Concepts International Inc. *
  • Anne Ramsay, Project READ Literacy Network *
Training Participants:
  • Gisele Duquette, Douglas College
  • Marion Evans, Leading Concepts International Inc. *
  • Pat Kuzmik, Saskatoon Open Door Society *
  • Cynthia Moffat, Leading Concepts International Inc. *
  • Tanis Sawkins, Vancouver Community College *
  • Norm Wilhelm, OARS Training Inc. *

* Materials Developer Certificate

This project was led by SkillPlan’s Workplace Educator, Vanya Wong, with assistance from Julia Lew, Darren Rigby, and Lynda Fownes.


The Essential Skills Capacity Building Project, 2004

The intent of this national project, which began in January of 2004, was to cultivate capacity in the field of Essential Skills by actively involving provincial and territorial professionals in the development of Essential Skills resource materials that relate to their community employment needs. Partners were supported in presenting, developing materials, and integrating Essential Skills into their organizations’ programming. The reading text, document use, and numeracy activity sets developed by the project partners over the past year represent an additional 15 occupations which are now available on this site.

SkillPlan, project partners and over 100 practitioners met in Winnipeg for the project’s culmination event – Essential Skills in Action – in May, 2005. Participants learned from the experience of others about promotion, development and implementation.

SkillPlan extends our deepest thanks to the following individuals who contributed their time, energy and enthusiasm to the Herculean task of collecting authentic workplace documents to create Measure Up activity sets. Such a rich, visually and contextually varied collection would not have been possible without the inspiration and dedication that our partners have brought to this project.

  • Alan Cook, Yellowknife Catholic Schools, Yellowknife, NT
  • Allyson Stroeder, Yellowknife Catholic Schools, Yellowknife, NT
  • Angela Tessier, Workplace Education Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
  • Deidre Lake, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) & the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, Calgary, AB
  • Jane Tuer, Project READ Literacy Network Waterloo-Wellington, Kitchener, ON
  • Jenneth Sawchuk-Vehkavuori, Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek, BC
  • Karen Chandler, Workplace Education PEI, Charlottetown, PE
  • Laurel Madro, Bow Valley College, Calgary, AB
  • Lesley Hamilton, LOCS Regional Literacy Network, Peterborough, ON
  • Linda Lanza, Douglas College, Surrey, BC
  • Marissa Thola, Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek, BC
  • Michelle Amaya-Torres, Red River College & the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, Winnipeg, MB
  • Pam Tetarenko, Douglas College, Surrey, BC
  • Renée Grieco, Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek, BC
  • Rod Embree, Douglas College, Surrey, BC
  • Ruth Rogerson, Workplace Education PEI, Charlottetown, PE
  • Shannon MacFarlane, Boeing Canada Technology, Winnipeg, MB

Our appreciation also goes to those who contributed to the first phase of development for this website and the many others whose attention to detail, considerable patience and craftsmanship shaped the final product.

Thanks to contributors Jean Dupont, Ruth Farrell, and Marilyn Luft. Thanks also to Anne-Marie Ventura, Fern Martel, Kay Welwood and Riaz Bassari.

SkillPlan especially acknowledges the contribution of Elizabeth Thompson, SkillPlan Workplace Educator, for her leadership and perseverance throughout years of development.


The Measure Up website is made possible with financial assistance from: